UN agency

UN agency
an agency of the United Nations
United Nations Children's Fund, ↑United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, ↑UNICEF, ↑Food and Agriculture Organization, ↑Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, ↑FAO, ↑General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, ↑GATT, ↑International Atomic Energy Agency, ↑IAEA, ↑International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, ↑World Bank, ↑IBRD, ↑International Civil Aviation Organization, ↑ICAO, ↑International Development Association, ↑IDA, ↑International Finance Corporation, ↑IFC, ↑International Labor Organization, ↑International Labour Organization, ↑ILO, ↑International Maritime Organization, ↑IMO, ↑International Monetary Fund, ↑IMF, ↑United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, ↑UNESCO, ↑United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, ↑DCCP, ↑United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, ↑Centre for International Crime Prevention, ↑World Health Organization, ↑WHO, ↑World Meteorological Organization, ↑WMO
Member Holonyms: ↑United Nations, ↑UN

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